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 Business Philosophy

The Advancement And the Bubble Of IT Revolution In Year 2006
The painful bubble effect still could be felt today
* The financial and property sector of Japan since a decade ago
* The financial crisis of Asian since 1997
* The collapse of Internet related corporations since year 2000

The collapse and merging of the recent world renowned corporations in IT are the beginning signs of yet another type of bubble to come our way. Too much of human and monetary resources have been and will be at least for the coming three years, channeled to the development of IT. 5% of the total output will benefit human kind of the future in the aspect of biology, space and in many other technologies, 25% are benefiting in the present day of what we have been enjoying the IT are bringing. 70% are totally wasted and buried at the sacrifice of unawareness of the vast majority of people due to the so-called IT revolutionist and the media broadcasting by the minor people.

Genius knows something that nobody knows. A few will be successful at the expense and sacrifice of the world majority.

The IT Bubble will burst when the spending power of the majority could no longer substance further revolution and development. We believe it will be as disastrous to the world economy as the total setback and painfulness of the few bubble burst mentioned above. If nothing to be done this day will surely come 2006 being the indicative year. The speed of the IT revolution must be slowed down immediately for the majority people to swallow, digest, and re-deploy existing resources. More resources should be channeled to educate and cultivate the mind of the majority in the usage of the IT and to make the revolution in IT more precise to benefit to the welfare of human kind.

Our Commitment To The Old IT – The Home Of The Used IT Goods

We will devote our whole spirit and mind in recycling the Intelligent Technologies and to provide the technical support to the old technologies. Those damaged or unused computers, laptops and peripherals, we call them "IT GOODS". Sellers will be happy to know we would find a home for their IT Goods. Buyers will be delighted to find the cheapest and reliable IT Goods and services at our store.

We serve as a hub recycling the IT Goods. Let's make the recycling process an art that contribute to a greener world.

The above statement is just our feeling and believing without any work of research and statistical analysis.

Dated 1st March 2003