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 International Currency Converter

Auto County Detection And Pricing Display

For your convenience our website equipped with automatic currency converter. Once you come to our website, the website could automatically detect the name of your residing country and then display that country currency for all the items and shipping cost.

Currency Selection
Visitor could select “Currency Converter” at the top right of every web to change the currency of display. Once visitor select the type of currency all prices for all the items and shipping cost will then be display in that currency.
Payment In US dollars only
Pchub.com only accept US dollar for all the purchase.
A summary of prices for all items purchased and shipping cost would be display in US dollar after the visitor has completed the shopping and choose the method of shipping.
At the payment gateways WorldPay or PayPal, you would be shown US dollar for your purchase.
Payment Information

The differences In Your Own Country Currency And The US Dollar Paid
You may find discrepancy in your bank statement for the US dollars conversion for:
        The purchase you make
        For the refund we make
As you make payment or we make refund in US dollar, the bank would convert the US dollar into your country currency to deduct from or deposit in your bank account, the discrepancy may arise due to the exchange rate.

Especially you make a purchase then you want to cancel the purchase. It would incur 2 time loss of exchange. First you convert your own currency to US dollar for the purchase, then the refund in US dollar convert into you currency and deposit into your bank account.