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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on order and shipping

   Other Information About shipping.
 » Before making order online    » Buying process online 
 » Tracking order after a purchase    » Look for spare part?
 » Other information about shipping      
 Before making order online
 » What are the shipping options available?
 » Can I ask for different shipping company?
 » How do I know what is the shipping cost to my country?
 » Which country is the order shipped from?
 » How is the shipping cost calculation is worked?
 » How my purchase is packed for shipping?
 Tracking order after a purchase
 » How do I know when my purchase is shipped out?
 » How to track my package online with the tracking number?
 Other Information About shipping.
 »  What is EMS?
 » How long are the delivery and / or tracking information available on the Internet?
 » What is the different between DHL, EMS and Standard Air Courier?
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