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Dell Latitude CPi A Series LCD Cable (13")

Customer Feedback (Last Week)

Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. Please provide feedback after you receive your order.
with post free and the price it was less than half the UK price and they want postage on top great deal
  -  jack bright , 21/04/2014
Very good
  -  Peter Krusestam , 17/04/2014
Received correct part and satisfied. Now able to listen my favorite song and watching movie. Thank you PCHub.com
  -  Sajidi Jaafar , 16/04/2014
Great service!
  -  Tim van den Broek , 15/04/2014
Everything was great, I just put in a date above because I have forgotten when I received the order. But I know that the package arrived within the expected delivery date. It is good to have the possibility to fix the laptop instead of buying a new.
  -  Ivar Storstein Haug , 15/04/2014

Dell Latitude CPi A Series LCD Cable (13")

DD0TM3CL045 REV:3B, DP/N 2081T

Rate :    

DDTM3CLC241 REV:3A, DP/N 5852D DD0TM3CL045 REV:3B, DP/N 2081T
For use with the following LCD panel:
Samsung LT133X6-124 ;
Compatible DP/N: 9302D

Price : / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Wholesale Price :
Quantity (Per Piece) Price (Per Piece) Processing Time
Qty :  piece
Shipping Cost :
US$ 3.18
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Total Price : US$ 20.91 x 1 + US$ 3.18 = US$ 24.09
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Product Information

Dell Latitude CPi A Series LCD Cable (13")
Item Condition Used
Warranty 1 Month(s)
Part Description Dell Latitude CPi A Series LCD Cable (13") DDTM3CLC241 REV:3A, DP/N 5852D
Part Number DD0TM3CL045 REV:3B, DP/N 2081T
Compatible Models

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