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HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter- Laptop

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Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. Please provide feedback after you receive your order.
PChub shop is sometimes only one source for notebook spare parts. We are very happy to shop right here.
  -  SMS Info Comm Oplatek , 24/03/2017
Very satisfied with part and it's working.
  -  Gilfred Bertin , 17/03/2017
Works fine, Dell Inspiron 14Z in working order again.
  -  gilles roignant , 28/02/2017
Smooth international transaction
  -  Christodoulos Kallianidis , 22/02/2017
A perfect upgrade from the 160GB drive in my Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable box/PVR. I can now record and store more than 80 hours of HD video.
  -  Leo Jablonski , 15/02/2017

HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter- Laptop

391172-001, 418872-001, 463958-001, "Brand NEW"

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18.5V 3.5A, Barrel 7.4/5.0mm With Pin, 3-Prong 391172-001, 418872-001, 463958-001, "Brand NEW"

*AC Smart power adapter (65 watt) - 100-240VAC input, 47-63Hz - 18.5VDC output, 65 watts - Requires separate 3-wire AC power cord with C5 connector - Does NOT include dongle for use with older, non-Smart compatible notebook PC's - (Part of ED494AA)

AC Adapter Model: PA-1650-02HC, PA-1650-02HN
Series PPP009L
HP Part No.: 384019-001, 463552-001

AC Adapter Model: HP-OK065B13 LF SE
Series PPP009H
HP Part No.: 384019-002

AC Adapter Model: 0335A1865-I
Series PPP009S
HP Part No.: 384019-003

Replace with HP Spare: 391172-001
Compatible P/N: 412786-001 , 418872-001, 463958-001

INPUT: 100-240V~ 1.7A, 50-60Hz
OUTPUT: 18.5V 3.5A 65W 

Connecter size: Int. Diameter: 5.00mm     
                       Ext. Diameter: 7.40mm
                       (With pin in the middle) 

Dimension: 105 x 45 x 28 mm

*Please take note, 3 wire AC power cord not included.

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Product Information

HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter- Laptop
Item Condition New
Warranty 1 Month(s)
Part Description HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter- Laptop 18.5V 3.5A, Barrel 7.4/5.0mm With Pin, 3-Prong
Part Number 391172-001, 418872-001, 463958-001, "Brand NEW"
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