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UPH Lighting Earpick Laser Pointer CW8500

UPH Lighting Earpick Laser Pointer


  • Lightweight Earpick with internal torch with Plastic Transparent thick and thin ear picks and tweezers
  • Internal torch illuminates to facilitate inspecting the inner ear and helps to remove ear wax safely
  • Thick and thin ear picks suit different ear hole sizes of adults and children
  • Tweezers are equipped to catch bigger earwax
  • LED Lighting Earpick stops ear Itchiness without potential hurts
  • After dismounting the transparent spoon part tweezers or other accessories, it can be used as a torch.
  • Rotate the outer case of the Lighted Earpick to make the two arrows point to each other, the spoon part will illuminate.
  • If the accessories are not used for a long period, store them in the tube at the end of the Light Earpick.
  • Powered by three AAA battery button cells.
  • Color: as photo shown
  • Handle Length: 13.5cm(Approx.)
  • Weight: 34g

Package Content:

  • 1 x LED Lighting Earpick handle
  • 1 x Thick ear pick
  • 1 x Thin ear pick
  • 1 x pair of Tweezers



UPH Tool Measure Electricity CLAMP Meter, DT3266L

UPH Tool Measure Electricity

AC/DC Multimeter Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter

This clamp meter uses large scale integration and unique function circuits.

It can measure AC Voltage, DC Voltage, AC Current, resistance, and fulfill audible continuity test. With the function of phase indication and identifying live-wire, this clamp meter is an ideal instrument for electricians.

General Specifications
Display: 3.5 digital LCD with a MAX reading of 1999, Auto polarity display
Measure method: double integral A/D switch inplement
Sampling speed: 2 times per second
Over-load indication: "1" is displayed
operating Envionment: 0℃~40℃,at<80%RH
Storage Environment: -10℃~50℃,at<85%RH
Power: 2 size AAA batteries (Not include)
Low battery indication: support
Static electticity: anout 4mA
Clamp dimension: 25mm for open jaw; 35mm for inner diameter

Continuity Test
Open Circuit >2.8V, Buzzer <(50±20)Ω

Phase Indication (50Hz)
Range: AC380V±10%, Phase indication: OK/Reversal/MISS, Accuracy ±3%

Live Wire Test
Range: 180V~400V, Live wire detect: LIGHT or LCD indication


Gift Home AV & HDMI Equipment A522. Headset. Silver

Gift Home AV & HDMI Equipment

Gift Lighting Laser Pointer 5mW 650nm Red Beam Laser Pointer Pen

Gift Lighting Laser Pointer

5mW 532nm Red Beam Laser Pointer Pen

  • Well tested and high quality red laser pointer.
  • Easily to use, only need to push the button then you can see striking red beam of light shoot forth. The light can point at any targets, such as photos, blackboard, video monitors and so on.
  • Best choice for teachers, professors, doctors, and so on.
  • Clearly visible in the dark.


  • Output Type: Fixed focus, continuous output and working time of over 5,000 hours
  • Size: 160x14mm Dia.
  • Output power: 5mW
  • Works with 2 x AAA batteries (not include)

Caution: Avoid direct eye exposure


Gift Model Weapon- Mini FN P90, 90x33mm

Gift Model Weapon- Mini Material: Anodized alloy steel body and key ring

Gift Personal Cigarette- Lighter Toilet Lighter, 60mm Height

Gift Personal Cigarette- Lighter

Toilet Lighter

Material: Color coating on cast alloy steel

  • Refillable Lighter
  • With adjustable flame
  • Refillable lighter takes regular lighter gas (Exclude)

Best gift for smoker or take it as collectible item.


UPH Tool Measure Electricity B-Venusian, digital meter

UPH Tool Measure Electricity

>> Overview:
The B-Venusian model of PowerBay is been used in the measurement of the consumption of AC active energy which with the frequency of 50HZ. It adopts the advanced microelectronics technology in data collecting, processing and protecting. It can be used in several conditions as in home, in rental estates, in office, in laboratory, and so on. This product used simply and conveniently, and shown clearly. It can be used in the monitor of power using equipments, such as the air-conditioning, the refrigerator, the energy-save lamp, and so on.

>> Technical parameters:
  Standard: BC17215-2003
  Voltage specification: 220V, 50Hz
  Maximum current: 10(A)
  Accuracy grade: 1.0
  Meter constant: 6400imp/KWh
  Power consumption: <1W
  Weight: about 130g
  Size: 121mm×63mm×20mm
  Working temperature: -25~45℃

>> Functions:
  Measurement of the active electric energy using.
  The current power using monitored timely.
  Power using time in total can be record.
  Measurement of the quantity of CO2 which generated when power using.
  (Notes: 0.555kg CO2 generated when 1 KWh electric energy consumed.)
  The overload threshold can be set, warning will happen when overload happened.
  Displayed by LCD which with large size.

>> Instructions:
1. Plug in the powerbay set, and then plug in the power using equipments.

2. The total used energy, active power, current voltage, current, power using time in total, frequency, and CO2 generated can displayed on LCD.

3. LCD shown the active power value continuously when power on, the backlight lighted at the same time and will be off after 5 seconds.

4. Display when press the buttons: The active power value, power factor, current, voltage, frequency, power using time in total, total used energy, and CO2 generated will displayed on LCD in cycle or reverse cycle when press the "▼" or "▲" button.

5. Warning when overload happened When the current power exceed the limited power quota continuously, warning will happen, backlight will blink and stopped after didn't overload for a few times. How to set the overload threshold: Press the "▼" or "▲" button until the current power value shown on LCD, press the "set" still for 2 seconds, now LCD show as "XXXX W" and the rightest "X" blinking. Press the "▼" or "▲" button until the blinking "X" shown as what number you want, and then press the "OK", this bit set accomplished. Now the next "X" blinking, set the following bits with the same steps. LCD shown the current power value after threshold set accomplished. The threshold value wouldn't more that 2200W, or else LCD will shown "Err1" for 3 seconds and the threshold should be set again.

6. Clear the power using time in total: Press the "▼" or "▲" button until the power using time in total shown on LCD, press the "set" still for 2 seconds, now the numbers on LCD blinking, press "OK", time clear accomplished and LCD shown the power using time in total.

7.Clear the power used in total: Press the "▼" or "▲" button until the power used in total shown on LCD, press the "set" still for 2 seconds, now the numbers on LCD blinking, press "OK", clearance accomplished, and the value of CO2 generated cleared too. LCD shown the power used in total. 


UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance CP-3007, Ultrasonic

UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance

Description & Features: 

  • Measure Distance From 1.5Feet To 60 Feet
  • Area, Volume, Addition, Subtraction Calculation.
  • Accuracy ±0.5% ±1
  • Resolution 0.01M or 1/2Inch.


  • Power 1x9V
  • Unit of measurement Feet or Meters.
  • Accuracy 0.5%+1 digital (2-60ft).
  • Working Frequency :  40kHz.
  • Working temperature: 32°F to 109.4°F( 0℃ ~ +43℃)
  • Range 2 to 60 ft(0.50 to 18.288m)
  • Visible Laser of 650M wavelength


Gift Lighting Laser Pointer Pointer, 0.5mW Red Beam

Gift Lighting Laser Pointer Features & Specifications:
- Great for pointing objects from long distance
- Red light beam
- Power saving, compact and reliable
- Length: 135mm
- Powered by 2 x Regular 1.5V AAA battery (Included)
- Power Outout <0.5mW
- Wavelength: 650nm

- Avoid direct eye exposure