Kafuter Thermal Thermal Paste K-5202, termal paste, gray

Products specifications
Model Thermal
Item Condition New
Part Description Thermal silica paste- Grey
Part Number K-5202
Warranty 1 Month(s)
Info 3 35x140mm
Info 4 96g, Net weight: 50ml
Collection: Thermal
Manufacturer: Kafuter
Model : Thermal
SKU: 65282
Part Number: K-5202

Kafuter Thermal Thermal Paste

RoHS compliant- Thermal silica, thermal conductivity of 0.8, for bonding components and heat radiators, heat generated by components derived

  • Color  : Gray
  • State    : Paste
  • Suface Drying time minutes  : ≤ 30
  • Fully dried : 24 hours
  • Tensile strength Mpa : ≥ 2.5
  • Shear strength MPa : ≥ 1.5
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