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LCD Inverter

Importance Note: The offer of this sale of LCD inverter is special for the experienced technician. In many cases there are more than two different manufacturers and type of LCD panels and LCD invertors installed in the same model. In order to get the right LCD inverter, it is advisable that user to open up the LCD casing and get the faulty LCD inverter to compare with the part number and photo displaying on this web page. Also please note that dim display may be the result of faulty LCD inverter, faulty backlight (fluorescent tube) or the motherboard

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Sumida PWB-IV18182T/B2-E-LF LCD Inverter IV18182/T-LF

Sumida PWB-IV18182T/B2-E-LF LCD Inverter

Other Brands 50-71531-20 LCD Inverter VER:0.1

Other Brands 50-71531-20 LCD Inverter

Sumida PWB-IV12141T/C2-E-LF LCD Inverter IV12141/T-LF

Sumida PWB-IV12141T/C2-E-LF LCD Inverter

Toshiba P505 X505 P505D P505D-S8935 


Tamura HBL-0328 LCD Inverter G71C00011221

Tamura HBL-0328 LCD Inverter 16

Sumida PWB-IV14167T/A2-E-LF LCD Inverter IV14167/T-LF

Sumida PWB-IV14167T/A2-E-LF LCD Inverter

TDK TBD512NR LCD Inverter AS023220500

TDK TBD512NR LCD Inverter

YEC YNV-C03 LCD Inverter .

YEC YNV-C03 LCD Inverter K000018860, OK070018410

TOKIN D7318-B001-M1-1 LCD Inverter D7318-B001-M1-1

TOKIN D7318-B001-M1-1 LCD Inverter

YEC YNV-W15 LCD Inverter 6002058L-B

YEC YNV-W15 LCD Inverter