UPH Laptop Jack- Combination tyco. RJ45+TJ11

Products specifications
Model Laptop
Item Condition New
Part Description Combination Of RJ45, RJ11 Jack
Part Number 78283- tyco. RJ45+RJ11
Warranty 6 Months
Info 3 6g
Info 4 15x27x11mm (LxWxH, Exclude Leg)
US$ 3.85
Collection: Laptop
Manufacturer: UPH
Model : Laptop
SKU: 78283
Part Number: 78283- tyco. RJ45+RJ11
UPH Laptop Jack- Combination
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UPH Laptop LCD Inverter 5V, For Laptop

UPH Laptop LCD Inverter
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UPH Laptop LCD Inverter For Laptop 9-20V

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UPH Laptop Z Card Interface PCMCIA CardBus to Parallel DB25 Printer

UPH Laptop Z Card Interface

Allows Parallel DB25 compliant printer to connect to your laptop or desktop w/ PCMCIA Slot conveniently and easily.

  • Compliant with IEEE 1284.
  • Compliant with PCMCIA 32bit CardBus specification.
  • Supports up to 1.5 Mbytes/sec transfer rate.
  • One end is PCMCIA type II interface, which is compatible with PCMCIA type II/III slot.
  • Compatible with Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Linux.

  • Note: The adapter supports printer only.
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UPH Laptop Z Card Interface CR-1000IDE SSD. CF to CF 50 PIN 1.8"

UPH Laptop Z Card Interface
  • Support two types speed (MLC &SLC) CF card, suits only 1CF card
  • Support Windows 7 CR-1000 IDE by inserting a CF (4GB~64GB).
  • Large capacity but with only 1.8 inch light case of IDE to SSD adapter.
  • DOS/WinCE/Linux/WinXP/Vista/Win7 bootable.
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