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75260- LB-006B. White Desk Type Air Purifier

Gift Health Air Purifier

Functions and features:

  • Clear air 
  • Inhibit bacteria growth
  • To prevent the spread of the virus
  • Elimination of the smell in home
  • Sterilization, disinfection for the spaces in family, office, meeting room, washroom, pet house, business site, etc.

AC110V/50Hz(DC12V, 300mA)
AC220V/60Hz(DC12V, 300mA)
Power consumption: DC12V/260mA
Anion output: 2000000ion
Dimension:120mm Dia x 100mm Height
Air Flow:1.5-2.6km/h
Weight: 230g
Temperature: 0 - 40℃

Gift Air Purifier
From 38.33 (SGD)

75262- LH-001. Red Health Beatiful High-efficient Anion Air Purifier

Gift Health Air Purifier


  • Produce efficient anion, has significant effect on puring and freshing air.
  • Built-in static adsorption mesh.
  • Medical HEPA filter dust particles efficiently essence.
  • Decomposition, odor removal of harmful gas .
  • Bringing USB charger.
  • Inhibit bacteria
  • Eliminate smog and dust
  • Remove peculiar smell
  • Decompose harmful gas
  • Five-level purification technology

Main Feature:

Voltage: DC12V
Material: ABS
Output of USB interface: DC5V
Power consumption: 6W
Working current: 500mA
Quality of anion: 300 million
Wind: 8.8-10.5 stere/min
Floorage: 50 square meters

Gift Air Purifier
From 30.09 (SGD)