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UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance 8" Electronic Digital Caliper

UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance

8" Electronic Digital Caliper


  • Measuring range: 0-8" or 0-200mm
  • Repeatability: 0.01mm or 0.0005"
  • Maximun Measuring: 1.5m or 60"/sec
  • Measuring System: Non-Contaction Linear Capacitive measuring system
  • Diplay: LCD display
  • Battery: One silver oxide battery 1.5v (included) for one year of continuous use. Low battery warning by flashing display.
  • Auto Power off


Collection: Tool
From 31.43 (SGD)

UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance CP-3009, Ultrasonic

UPH Tool Measure Size & Distance

The Ultrasonic Distance Measurer is perfect for real estate agents, interior designers, home handymen and building industry professionals or even you who need to quickly and effectively measure the area and volume of a room or the distance between objects. Measuring direct distances between 2 to 60 ft (0.55 to 18.288 meter), this distance measurer transmits laser light to the point you wish to measure. The laser pointer makes it simple to get a perfect measurement each and every time by making your target visible from a distance. Accurate, easy to use and effective.


  • Compact and lightweight in design
  • Digital count LCD display.
  • Easy to use
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Laser Point
  • One touch calculation of distance, area and volume
  • Calculation of area and volume - based on the data measured



  • Power : 1 x 9V (battery not included)
  • Unit of measurement : feet or meters
  • Accuracy : 0.5% + 1 digit (2 to 60 ft)
  • Working frequency : 40 kHz
  • Range : 2 to 60 ft (0.55 to 18.288 meter)


Collection: Tool
From 25.23 (SGD)